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8 Books That Are a Must Read For Every Job Recruiter

Being a human resource professional can be rather challenging and satisfying at the same time. While your profession gives you the scope of interacting with people from diverse backgrounds, whose skills and expertise you need to analyze before you decide if they are perfect for a certain job, it can also reach saturation point at times, making you lack the insight and focus needed to recruit the right people at the right time. Here are 8 books that you ought to read in order to do a thorough job as a professional recruiter always.

Moneyball – Michael Lewis

Moneyball by Michael Lewis gives you examples from the world of baseball on the strategies and tips that need to be implemented to attract job seekers to the right professional posts by offering the right remuneration. The book is quite easy to read.

Knock Em Dead – Martin Yate

Knock Em Dead Hiring the Best written by Martin Yate can be particularly good to read if you are a hiring manager rather than a recruiter. It tells you about all the right decisions to take when looking to hire or appoint people to managerial posts.

Hire With Your Head – Lou Adler & 96 Great Interview Questions to Ask – Paul Falcone

Hire with your Head by Lou Adler introduces a systematic approach to recruitment for adapting to changes like the Internet, global expansion, demographic factors etc. 96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before you Hire by Paul Falcone presents you with some novel techniques and approaches that you could deploy to successful hire skilled people to perform intellectually challenging jobs.

How to Spot a Liar – Marianna Karinch and Gregory Hartley

How to Spot a Liar by Marianne Karinch and Gregory Hartley gives you all the advice you need to detect if people are being untrue in the course of an interview. As a job recruiter, it is imperative to hire honest, skilled and dedicated workers instead of people who fabricate stories about their skills and experience.

Keeping The Millennials – Joanne Sujansky And Jan Ferri Reed

Keeping the Millennials written by Jan Ferri Reed and Joanne Sujansky is an absolute must read if you are a professional recruiter. It tells you how to effectively address the gaps between different generations of job seekers.

Who – Geoff Smart And Randy Street

Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street is a very well researched book. It tells you how effectively human resources departments are seen to function inside corporations.

Hiring For Attidue – Mark Murphy

Hiring for Attitude by Mark Murphy is certainly worth reading if you are a job recruiter. It talks about how recruitment and hiring processes, including the interview process, need to change to avoid hiring people that are designated to fail at the job front.